Essential sewing method for the hobbyist

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Educating your self to sew is a must thing.  It’s also very simple to do with least of the tools.  For hobbies are just practiced for enjoyment and interest, rather than financial reward. By educating on essential sewing method, you can gain contact to many project like sail making boat covers,, chairs and couch upholstering and Biminis tops.

What you need first is a usual straight machine which is in a good order.  No matter its cosmetically condition, origin, model number or as well the make it has to be made of metal. You must be doubtful of any machine which has zigzag options on it.  If it has plastic gear on some model s it can lead you to a future problem especially when sewing heavy duty materials.  You should also make sure a sewing light is fixed and working on your machine. So you should always have a spare of bulb incase if the lights goes off when you are in the middle of sewing. The bulb always burn especially when sewing because of the

How you prepare your sewing machine.

The first thing to do is to oil the sewing machine from top to bottom of your machine. This will be by applying one drop of sewing machine oil to all moving parts, joints, holes as well as the areas of friction. Vegetable oil, 3 in 1 oil, motor oil, no WD-40 as well as any other type of oil are given for sewing machine use.  So by talking all these precaution your sewing machine will run smooth and its motor will not get heated. So, before starting any kind of sewing project, it’s good to oil your machine.

You can try to situate the manual instructions, for you can get these manuals for free in the internet or online. This way you will be able to create bobbin and to thread your machine. Attempt to create a seam with a piece of your projects material.  Then after winding the bobbin and fixing it in the bobbin case, fix a brand new needle. By the use of your manual place the flat side of needle to its accurate location.

You can now be able to thread with your machine by the use of manual. You can even use any type of thread for examining your purpose. You can now take the bottom thread bobbin by turning the hand wheel towards you. Then the needle will go completely up and down in one cycle. You can now see the bottom thread up, you place your scrap piece of fabric beneath the presser foot and put foot down.  You should remember always to turn hand wheel towards you, so that the needle can go totally down.  Then you should press on the pedal so as the motor can start the machine. You can first make few stitches and look underside if the stitches are good. And if there are little loops, you can now increase the upper tension. Then, if everything is ok and fine so far, make a reverse stitch by moving the stitch length lever. The stitch length will usually help you make stitches of different length. Therefore the thick the material the long the stitch is needed.  For sewing machines have average stitch length of 6 to 30 stitches per inch.

Several machines have some initial , you can find letter R meaning reverse on the push button, and to some others you will find to have to place the lever up.  You should notice that reverse stitching its important at the beginning and the end of seam.  This will mainly lock the stitches in place and it’s much protected. If your machine is not prepared with the reverse selection, you will have to move the material to sew 2 or 3 stitches over the definite one to where you started and ended.

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Pain- Free Embroidery

 images (4)Embroidery should not impair, as you possibly know the feeling after a long stretch of sewing, the pain and aches in your back, the eye strain and headache as well as stiff joints. It is not different from how it feels after a long time sited on computer. The following are reminder on how to stay healthy and pain free when embroidery.

  • You should do your embroidery in a well lighted room. If possible use natural light or light bulb that arouses natural light.
  • Make sure you get up and look outside the window and let your eyes focus on something far away. This is because too much close focusing makes your eyes tired and twitching.
  • Make sure you use a cutting table while you cut your fabrics. For instance when I was young I used to cut on floor which is a great mistake, I tell you my knees and back paid for it very well. Kitchen tables are not good to use either. So you have to find a table of your exact height, you should measure from floor up to your elbow. This is because if your table is short you can add some things to make it tall. And if your table is too high it not good for you either.
  • You should get an embroidering chair, it should be of your size your hips and knees should be 90 degrees when sited. If you are going to be sited for long time you also need a supporter. You can make a lumbar support pillow if you can’t get an ergonomic chair for you.
  • Your embroidery machine table should be of a good height. You should never bend over when sewing. The correct height to sit when sewing is your knee should be at 90-degree angle, after that hold your arms up so your elbows makes a 90-degree angle as well. You should Measure up from the floor to where your hands and that’s where your machine’s embroidering exterior should be. For the many of us sew at a height that too high, resulting in headaches, shoulder and neck pain.
  • Make sure you sit straight up when embroidery, so you have to practice best sitting positions to use all the time. Let me tell you proper furniture is not even enough. Sitting up straight, your bones do the supporting and your muscles don’t have to work as hard. So when using embroidery machine you should sit close enough to the table.
  • You should learn to take stretch back if necessary, and then the standard posture at your embroidery machine should be leaning forward. Therefore, when take a break try to stretch at the opposite direction, make sure your hands reaches over your head and bend backward for a little time.

Looking for an Embroidery Machine that is Best For You

Nowadays, a lot of embroidery experts have many preferences when it comes to embroidery machines. There are numerous types and brands which can you see in the marketplace. In the past years, the commercial embroiderers are the ones who have only multi-needle machines. However, with the advent of the new advanced technology on the embroidery machines, there is an increase on the opportunity towards development.

If you want to have an best embroidery machine that fits your taste and preferences, then you have to keep in touch on the succeeding discussions and find out the different types of embroidery machine that is best for you. Try to read the two embroidery machine reviews below since these can provide you a good decision-making when buying the product.

Single Head (Single Needle Embroidery Machine)

Single Needle Embroidery MachineSingle needle machine for embroidery is one of the types of machine that is similar to ay traditional sewing machine that contains flat bed bottom and a removable embroidery machine. Many people tend to use this kind of unit since this is very smart ad a user-friendly type of machine that can be utilized for the different purposes. The uses and functions of this type of machine are the following:

  • These are used for general sewing
  • The machine can be utilized for creating utility stitches and creating decorative stitches.
  • It is also used to produce a computerized embroidery machine. Continue reading →

Explore the Best Weed Eaters for Your Garden

Do you want to try the best weed eaters that can help your garden to maintain its beauty? If yes, then it is now the time to explore the ideal products that can help you a lot. In choosing the best weed eaters for your garden, it is very essential to consider a lot of options. At least, you can have numerous choices that will fit on your purpose, taste and preferences. There are so many types of weed eaters that can provide you great benefits. However, not all weed eaters have quality features. Some of these types have complicated features that are not suitable to your garden. Because of this, it is very important to do some research first before you purchase a new item as your garden tool. You have to determine first if what particular features and types of weed eaters you are really looking for.

If you are looking for a best rated weed eater that will help you in improving your garden, then you have to choose a high quality type of it. Here are some of the important things that you should do so as to ensure that you will end up with a high quality type of weed eaters: Continue reading →

Proper Shaving Techniques and Recommendations

Razor are used by both men and women. It seemed to be an important tool for face and body beautification. But we all know that razors are a bit risky to use especially if not used safely and properly. It contain sand uses blade to clean up those unwanted facial and body hairs, yet on the other hand, it might cause skin nicks and cuts which eventually trigger skin irritation and infection.

Proper Shaving Techniques

So here are some techniques in order to prevent small injuries and get better shaving outcome.

It’s better to shave after taking shower

Shaving should be done immediately after having shower. Preferably, bath with warm water or just simply apply warm wet cloth on the skin surface. By this means, the skin pores will open and expose the hair follicles thus, making the hair stand up for easier shaving. This will also soften skin hairs and relax the skin which prevents shaving too close.

For more advanced and best shaving results


For better result, it is suggested to use Men Science face products. Specifically use the Advanced Shave Scrub, Advance Shave Formula and Post Shave Repair.

Invest some money to try best electric shaver for men. It will give you clean shave every time you use it alongside your skin to enhance your shaving experience with smoother and cleaner shave.

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Picking A Good Vacuum For Your Home

There are many factors to consider while you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner. A good vacuum cleaner is one which is affordable, meet your budget, and have features that could meet your requirements the most. So, in order to pick a good vacuum cleaner for your home, you should consider your own needs first, see what you need from it. Below are some things that you should consider before thinking about a good vacuum

Vacuum’s Main Cleaning Purpose

Good Vacuum For HomeThis is the most important thing to start with. You should know vacuum cleaners are designed for different cleaning purpose, so picking the right one is significant.

Hardwood floor or carpeted

Many vacuums are designed specifically for cleaning on hardwood floor while others work better on carpet. So you should consider the floors of your house before looking for the vacuum cleaner.

Dust, debris or pet hair cleaning

Common vacuums are very good for cleaning up dust and debris around your home. However, if you are a pet owners and you have to cope with the problem of dropping pet hair, consider picking a specific vacuum could help on cleaning pet hair. Because common vacuums would have trouble in cleaning these tiny obstacle. Getting the best vacuum for pet hair would help you a lot in this situation.

Canister or Bagless Vacuum

best vacuum cleaner for pet hairIf you are having trouble with allergies, a canister vacuum would be the best choice as you could simply replace the bag without contacting wish dust. A bagless vacuum would require you to clean the bin every time it is full and this is not a comfortable task.

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Home Appliances That Boost Your Life Quality

Let imagine how would it be if you are living without home appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners. Of course it would be nothing at hundred of years ago. However, it would be a terrible story to be told nowadays.

By making housework simpler and faster, these appliances improve much of the quality of our life and save our time, not just during big event of the year but also through out the whole year.

Thanks to the innovation of technology and the wise brain of many people, especially in the US, there has been so many invention that have totally changed our life. And below are some appliances that have turn our life into a totally different lever.

Washing Machines

Washing MachinesBefore washing machine is invented, family wash was totally a manual task and took a lot of time. People have to boil the water and then wash, scrub, rinse and wring every piece of cloth which took hours of time and attention.

However, in 1874, William Blackstone who was an Indiana native, got the idea of create a machine which could do this task automatically. And followed this idea, he developed the first home washer as a birthday gift for his own wife. His invention significantly helped doing laundry easier. And never stop there, he founded a company which produced washing machines. And this event is where the laundry has turned into a new dawn while every thing was done with some pushes of buttons. Continue reading →

Health and Fitness: Daily Exercises for a Better Quality of Life

When talking about health and fitness, most of us may think that exercise is they main factor to gain optimal health. However, this is only true in some cases. The  more important part of exercise is actually to benefit your health and improving it to a better state. So you would have better quality of life

However, there is a big mistakes while people assuming that one certain exercise could work well for everyone. That is not true.

It is important that before you take any health and fitness plan, you consider your own condition and goal so that you could get a proper exercise.

Health and Fitness for Particular Needs

Health & Fitness for better life qualityNo matter what condition are you in, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. There are specific exercises that could help you improve your condition and maintain a better health.

For those who are with high blood pressure, basic fitness exercises are the best. You could take some light activity such as working, jogging and should increase the intense slowly after time. Exercise everyday could help your heart stronger through the process of generating Nitric Oxit in your blood line. A stronger heart and blood line would help lower your blood pressure. So, if you are in trouble with high blood pressure, take a walk or jog for at least one hour every day during week. After a certain time, when you feel more familiar with those activity, you could improve yourself by increase the intensity such as easy running or swimming. Continue reading →